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p0isson Holiday Happs

Hey Everyone,

Check out
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Hey Everyone,

Check out <a href="http://www.p0isson.com>p0isson's</a> Annual December Sale!!! Free Shipping and No Tax on all items ordered in December! This deal only comes around once a year so Check it out!!!

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Incase you dont know who we are, my friend Stephanie and I run a two-person collaborative business called p0isson. We hand silkscreen shirts that we design, and print 1" buttons all in the DIY fashion. We are completely independant and we need all the support we can get!

Wewant to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped support us! You can check out our website @ <a href="http://www.p0isson.com">www.p0isson.com </a>

Thank you!!
c/o p0isson

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Let me just start off with
I'M A PEST and I know it

Ok now on to buisness. I have been visiting all the grocery stores in and around my area, and I also found ONE asian market and umm NO NORI SHEETS!! Can you believe it? Well now i'm stuck because I don't know where to locate them online or I don't know what to substitute the sheets with when making sushi/rolls. I've tried to think up substition but I can't see anything sticking well enough to keep ingredients in. Help me?
xposted ('cause I need the help)

Ps. Does anyone know where I can buy a bento box in and around the Rideau Centre? I'll be heading down there sometime before school and so yeah =]

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Hey guys, I have a box of Toni Silkwave perm kit, but the direction was confusing and hard to follow, and I have trouble rolling my hair and keeping the rolls in place. I'm wondering since we're all living in ottawa, is there somebody who will be willing to show me how it's done? Thanks in advance!

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Heya! I was wondering if anyone knows of any asain type shops in the market? I know there are some in ChinaTown. I just remember going to a little shop once in the market and I can't seem to find it anyone. (I may be looking in the wrong spot) It wasn't over the top anime so much as held tons of asian goodies (ie: food, grass matts, chop sticks, stationary...etc.) Any info on any shops like this in the market would be very appreciated =]


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Hi guys, I'm wondering if anybody knows about this guy who plays chess with other people in the byward market - just as a hobbie for the summer, y'know? The trouble is, I've played with him last week, and he unfortunately beat me [ :( ]. This week, I was set on settling the score, but I can't find this guy anywhere. He's suppose to play chess quite often at the byward market. Has anybody seen him around and when did they see him?

PS. I'm NOT a stalker. I want to win!

Hello Everyone

Since I'm new:
1) Name: Jennifer
2) Age: 18
3) Ethnicity: Scotish (no accent sorry lol)
4) Geographic Location: Ottawa/Hull
5) Why you joined this community: I already have Asian penpals and thought I can learn more being here.
6) 1-2 pictures (optional):

(when I had extensions in)
7) Anything else you'd like to share? I'm not OBSESSED with Asian things. I very much enjoy and respect the culture and all that comes with it.

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Hey Guys,

A new lifestyle magazine Anime IKU will be coming out soon.

Come and check out the website for more details and info.

There's contests, forums, artwork cosplay and more going on.

There will be sneak previews and other stuff coming soon.

The magazine will be released at Anime North, so for those of you going drop by their booth and grab a copy of their very

FIRST issue.

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1) Name: Ruby Ho
2) Age: 18
3) Ethnicity: Cantonese
4) Geographic Location: Ottawa
5) Why you joined this community: browsed around..
6) 1-2 pictures (optional):
7) Anything else you'd like to share?

SUBLET May to August

3 Bedrooms available in a 4 bedroom townhouse.
Located right off of Bank St.
In the GLEBE AREA!!!!

$450/month inclusive
includes utilities and internet

2 minutes to bus stop, routes # 1 and # 7.
20-25 minutes to carleton (walking..)
10 minutes by bus

contact : ho.ruby@gmail.com

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Hey everyone, is there any activity here?

My name's Stephen. I'm in my third year of engineering and just moved here to Ottawa at the start of 06. I'm here for one year on an internship. If you're into jazz, photography, or wall climbing hit me up. Or, hit me up anyway, since I just moved halfway across the country in 2 weeks into a completely strange city where nobody knows me. :P
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hey all!

We are a two person collaborative from toronto. I'm going to be travelling in Ottawa from the 19-12st of dec. and I was wondering where is a good place to drop off flyers?

A bit about us...One is a former u of t student, and the other is a current ocad student. We've just started our own company. Please support us :D

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..for cool shirts, buttons, & custom stuff check us out & bookmark our site because it is under mad construction and over the next few days/months/years we will be adding new stuff all the time! Please support us! We are a DIY company straight from the streets of toronto!

the p0isson p0ssé
aka. rose & steph