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Save our Stateless Vietnamese in the Phillipines

E-mail from my friend Max:

In January of this year I helped start a lobby
group in Canada called SOS Viet-Phi (Save our Stateless Vietnamese in
the Philippines). There are currently some 2,000 Vietnamese
Boatpeople who escaped Communist Vietnam that landed in the
Philippines in 1989. They have been in stateless and abandoned
without any rights for the past 16 years, many of them have family and
relatives here in Canada. The US has promised it will resettle the
majority of these individuals later this year. I am working together
with other concerned individuals in Canada and worldwide to ask the
Canadian Government to help resettle 500 people, and do its part to
help close the book on this ongoing humanitarian tragedy.

Please go here to sign the petition:

We now have over 15,000 signatures (hardcopy and electronic), and we
are well on our way to reaching our goal of 50,000. Please spare a
few minutes to sign this petition.


PS - In March, Canada made the announcement that it would help 200
individuals. It is a great first step, but we are still pressing
Canada to help the (approximately) 300 that will remain after the US
makes its selections later this year.
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