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March 26th 2005 - Coco Lee's new album "Exposed" banned in China.

CHINA - Coco Lee's new English album "Exposed" has been in the works for two years and was officially released in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China on the 25th. Soon after its release, record label Sony received an alarming notice from China announcing that the album is banned because of sexual lyrical content in the three tracks "So Good," "Touch," and "No Doubt." In addition, music videos for these singles were overtly sexual. Coco defends her work saying that the lyrical content is common. "'No Doubt' is about a girl who loves dancing. She uses dance to seduce a guy; 'Touch' is about remembering an old lover." Sony plans on releasing an altered version for the Mainland market with these three tracks lifted from the album. It should be available for sale within a week. Even though the album is officially banned, the lyrics and songs are still being broadcasted and sung in China. Coco explains, "The department that governs film in China is different from the department that governs music. Their policies are different. That's why the film department can broadcast and sing it, but the album cannot be sold." Coco was recently photographed kissing her boyfriend Bruce in public but vows she won't display too much public affection Source: ORIENTAL DAILY NEWS
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